Prime provides top class training for Law, Fashion, Design entrances and Study Abroad courses

About Us

PRIME Training Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading test-prep company based in Hyderabad. With multiple centres in Hyderabad & Kolkata, PRIME has been providing top class training for Law, Fashion, Design entrances and Study Abroad courses for decades. Started by IIM alumni, PRIME now boasts of an experienced team of faculty, course administrators and education counsellors. Experienced faculty, innovative teaching methodolgy and comprehensive course material are the hall marks of Prime.Thorough practice and intensive coverage of all topics provide students with the knowledge and skills required to crack the toughest of tests. 



Our students have done exceedingly well in various entrance tests. In CLAT and other Law Entrance tests our students regularly figure among the top ten nationally. Prime students are present in every leading Law School in the country including NLSIU, Bangalore, NALSAR, Hyderabad, NUJS, Kolkata, NLU, Delhi etc. Likewise in NIFT & NID entrance tests too our students have come out in flying colours. PRIME has sent, over the years, scores of students to the portals of all leading Fashion Technology and Design Institutes in the country.
Prime students have done well in Study Abroad courses as well. Our top scores on the GRE range from 305 to 335; on the GMAT, from 700 to 780 and on IELTS, from 6.5 bands to 8.5 bands. Many of our students have been placed in colleges across the globe


Course Material

At Prime, our Course Material is our biggest strength. We have, over the years, developed Course Material and strategies that help most students crack the tests with ease. Our experience in test-prep since 1992 has helped us in anticipating the student requirements, analysing the exam trends and designing the most comprehensive Course Material. The material is a mix of in depth conceptual exposure and rigorous practice. The questions selected for practice are such that students get a thorough grinding in all the models relevant for that particular test. Our material is sought after by the student community because it is up to date and has the latest material which helps them perform well on these exams.